Lucifer und Marcus Pierce  02

The Setup

The ladies decide to set up Pierce and Lucifer. Shenanigans ensue.

Cracky silliness - set sometime post 3.13 - "Till Death Do Us Part"


The Snake

Pierce has a fear of snakes. Lucifer decides to try and cure him.

Fluffy cracky nonsense. Takes place after 3.16 – “Infernal Guinea Pig”. Minor spoilers for that ep.


Apples Are Not The Only Fruit

“Any preference of flavour?” asked Lucifer as he gestured to the pack of condoms.

Pierce shrugged. “Not really.”

Lucifer grinned. “Good. Because the only flavour I have is apple.”


Deception becomes reality

Marcus starts acting weird and everyone gets concerned. He's not amused.


on interpersonal relationships between lieutenants and civilian consultants

Chloe misjudges Lucifer's relationship with the lieutenant, Lucifer does nothing to disabuse her of that notion, and Pierce is caught in the middle.


Do your thing.

What if their "moment" from the van in "All About Her" went a little differently? What if they... kissed?


Come Pierce My Heart

Pierce is granted an outsider’s perspective on Lucifer’s Valentine’s Day ‘tradition’ (doing something once does not a tradition make, Lucifer). He doesn’t enjoy it very much.


Unwelcome Emotions

Inspired by the balcony scene during Til Death Do Us Part, Pierce tries to keep unwelcome desires and thoughts at bay,


Finding Hope

Lucifer and Marcus find hope in each other...


If we're not friends, nor enemies, then what are we?

Amenadiel's warning really took its toll on Lucifer, Lucifer doubting that Marcus was really his friend. His best solution was to ask Marcus and hope that Marcus was gonna tell the truth, and that said truth was gonna be what he wants to hear.


Night in

Marcus working late always leads to him and Lucifer having dinner at the police station


The Mark of Lucifer

“So, we’ve established that the chainsaw is no good. And we can also cross off silver bullets, severing limbs with a poisoned blade, being burnt alive and consuming holy water. Anything I’ve missed?”



Marcus / Cain & Lucifer heat it up, or they try to. There's too much stuff between them (including god) for a smooth seduction, Mr Talk-Too-Much and Mr Talk-Not-Enough have to find a middle ground. When you can't have what you want, you have to make do with what you do have... It's not true love, but it's important too.


The Rapture

Lucifer is over the moon to have a new friend. Marcus is less so. These are their adventures.


You think I'm drunk now, but I am not. You're so pretty!

Lucifer woke up one day not having any idea who was the person he was looking at in the mirror and he (re)turned to a life of partying to get his old self back, or at least that's what he likes to say.
In reality his ever growing feelings for Marcus are the reason he is in the state he is.



It wasn’t often that he sealed a deal with a kiss, but Lucifer hadn’t been able to help himself. He’d tugged Marcus’ hand, and the man had gone willingly, crashing their lips together. They’d pulled back, both of them breathless, and for the first time in a long while, Lucifer had felt hopeful.

Lucifer offers to help Marcus, but gets much more than he’d bargained for.


This Forbidden Fruit

Lucifer attempts to make good on his end of the deal with Pierce. It doesn’t end as expected.


The Sinnermen

"It probably wasn’t one of Lucifer’s better ideas, but he’d never claimed to be a paragon of wisdom."


Loving Lucifer

Marcus couldn't have Lucifer going around, talking about the Sinnerman, and putting people at risk. He goes to the penthouse to have a chat with Lucifer, and one thing leads to another, and before Marcus knows it the night takes a turn he never thought would happen.


I can't get you out of my head

Once Marcus Pierce saw Lucifer morningstar, he just could not get him out of his head.


There's A First Time For Everything

Lucifer gets Lieutenant Marcus to come over and spank and hand cuff him.

The Devil You Know

So many new faces, but there's only one who matters.

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