Napoleon Solo und Illya Kuryakin   01

all the minutes

Five times Napoleon returned Illya's watch, and the one time he kept it.


like a fox preys on a rabbit

In dystopian England, Illya and Napoleon find each other.


Just Like Love

Napoleon's warmth without words and words without sounds and his mouth to Illya's ear, even though so far away, holds him tight and locks him in a place where Illya does not ever want to leave.


I'm Not (Not) Sleeping With You

Napoleon thinks Illya and Gaby are together but Illya doesn't realize it.
Illya thinks Napoleon is dating one of the secretary's at U.N.C.L.E but Napoleon doesn't realize it.
Gaby is done with her boys' stupidity and decides to do something about it.


Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Napoleon Solo is a very handsome man. Illya is well aware of this.

aka 5 times illya realizes Napoleon is beautiful and the one time he tells him.



Prompt: a kiss to shut the other up. It turned out to have a bit more plot than that, so have some pining, oblivious spies.


Slow Burn

Illya and Napoleon’s relationship progresses from where they’d started in Berlin.

Another collection of related ficlets of Illya and Napoleon, two beautiful people that are impossibly drawn to each other.


Smooth Sailing

In which the complexities of Solo Luck show themselves when Napoleon wins two tickets to a luxury cruise that he didn’t really want–-but for once, Illya does want to indulge.


you've got mail!

Illya works at the post office. Napoleon is addicted to online shopping and calling the post office to check on his packages. Gaby just drives Napoleon because he can't drive.



Someone has been leaving flowers in Illya's apartment. Sunflowers, specifically. Which is... odd. But actually rather nice.


(From Between) Clenched Teeth

"It was not easy to hate Napoleon, not even with all the reasons he had, because Napoleon was charming.
Illya was not usually one to be charmed. But Napoleon posed as an exception and it was the most annoying thing Illya had ever experienced. It gave him one more thing to hate.
Illya hated his own inability to hate Napoleon like he should."

Illya's emotional journey from hating his Cowboy to tolerating him and maybe more...

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