Trevor/Alucard (Adrian)



‘Wanted, one able bodied and above average fitness level adult, preferable early to mid twenties, as a roommate. A furnished room, food, and generous weekly stipend will be provided in exchange for housekeeping, cooking, acting as an escort to social events, and a willingness to help with various research projects. Must be very open minded, flexible, clean, and able to commit to one employer completely. Sex and Gender of no consequence. Contact Alucard at 555-8267’

Trevor, hanging somewhere between rock bottom and utter desperation, answers a shady ad and meets Alucard, a rich spoiled pretty boy who needs a fake boyfriend to piss his dad off while simultaneously pleasing his mother. ...and, also, someone willing to play a part in exploring all of Alucard's fantasies, no matter how dark or strange. Trevor finds a nice apartment and all that money really hard to pass up.

third time, all charm

“This,” Trevor remarks as he pushes a sleeve up, “is becoming a habit.” Offers his wrist back to Alucard.

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