Lucifer und Marcus Pierce  01


Late at work

Marcus has to stay late at work (again...) because he has a really important case to solve. Lucifer misses his husband.

Until the End

From that first moment they met, there was an undeniable chemistry that surprised them both. When Lucifer flirted with the new lieutenant, neither of them had expected him to flirt back and a tiny kernel of an idea was planted. Just as it seemed likely to pass without further comment or action, the undercover operation happened, opening their eyes again.

A self-involved, pleasure-driven, fallen angel and a bitter, emotionally closed-off, suicidal immortal - what chance could they possibly have to build something meaningful together?


Bad Timing

Various readers have asked about the rough sex scene that was only hinted at in my other fic 'Sin Bin Revisited', there seems to be a feeling of disappointment at the lack of detail (go figure). Anyway, I woke up this morning with THIS idea in mind and it's taken all day to write. It's NOT the missing scene but it could be similar in many ways. It's told through the eyes of two of the four people involved.
Set soon after 'Til Death Do Us Part'. Canon friendly.


When Luke and Mark get in Character


Redemption (English version)

A heated discussion with Cain finally allows Lucifer to clarify some questions about the return of his wings and the involvement of the Sinnerman in all that. However, Cain’s revelations may shake the Devil in his deepest convictions.


A Devil Of My Word

The cure to Marcus' curse is a selfless act. Unfortunately, he finds that out in the worst way possible.

Goodbye kisses

Marcus just can't get enough of his boyfriend and while that isn't a problem most of the time, it definitely is a problem in the morning, when he has to go to work.


Joyful Chicanery

Lucifer Season 3, episode 13 SPOILERS +++ The Murder. The team must go undercover into the neighborhood. Then, food with the neighbours takes place. However, what happens afterwards?



Marcus plans a proposal. He has finished his relationship with Chloe. But he isn't trying to save this one, but with someone else. And he asks Chloe for help. Oh, and he's still immortal.


In the end

Decades before Marcus Pierce meets Lucifer, they'd met on earth. Cain hits his head. The end. No, but seriously if anyone has a good summary, just let me know, I'd love to change it.


Baby Don't Hurt Me No More

Lucifer is a self proclaimed ladies man and playboy and owner of his nightclub LUX. He enjoys his casual hook ups and making women's desires fulfilled but then a handsome brooding stranger (Marcus) shows up and rocks his world. But he walks out shamefully the morning after and hopes that they never run into each other again. Little did they know that fate would have other plans for them.


Killing Cain

This whole “killing Cain plan” was really starting to give people the wrong idea.


what doesn't kill you (makes you stronger)

He's been to Heaven, knows precisely what Hell is like. Cain knows exactly what's waiting for him once he dies, and yet he still wants to die.

Lucifer... doesn't get it.



A gloss on Season 3's Episode 13: 'Til Death Do Us Part' in which, as always, sex and the Devil do more than malt or Milton can to justify God's ways to man.


The Wager

Chloe admits she's got a crush on Marcus to Lucifer. They bet on who can win the lieutenant's heart first.


Define "Love"

"They had found themselves in each other. Their insecurities, their fears, all reflected back. It was a long list: fear of commitment, fear of abandonment, fear of unrequited love, fear of wasted efforts, fear of broken hearts, fear of betrayal, fear of loss…"

A study of Pierce and Lucifer's relationship, and their insecurities in letting themselves love and be loved. Basically a little pillow talk and some internal angst but overall sweet and fluffy.

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